Clothing size information :

UK Italy Australia
4 36 6
6 38 8th
8th 40 10
10 42 12
12 44 14
18 50

InT = International

China InT EUR United States


XS 32 2
M S 34 4
L M 36 6
XL L 38 8th
XXL XL 40 10

shipping :

location Estimated delivery time

Germany, France
Belgium, UK,
Northern Ireland, Italy, Sweden, Austria, Bresil, Canada
United States, Denmark,
Netherlands, Luxembourg

5-12 days
rest of the world 15 - 28 days

COVID-19 :

Due to the impact of COVID-19, many countries have taken emergency measures one by one. As many countries of our suppliers are recovering from the coronavirus, Shinenows can process orders normally now. However, if the destination country has transportation restrictions and causes delays, Shinenow accepts its disputes and returns.

Flights to Canada will also be reduced. Canada Post must refund orders. For new packages, processing and delivery will be delayed. For Canadian call-offs, delivery time should be at least 25-45 days or more depending on flight location and current Canadian Customs clearance speed.